Custom Creation Fedora

2255 Custom Hats does make custom one-of-a-kind headwear for its customers. Even with ready-to-wear headwear available, it is possible you’re more interested in something a bit more special and meaningful to you. Anything we design can be custom made and we’d love to help you.

Custom Creation Fedora

2255 Custom Hats will be made just like you want. Reach out to let us know what you have in mind. Please call (404)425-0124 or email

Pricing for Custom Creation Fedora

Pricing for the custom fedora will be based on the style of headwear and material, sales tax as appropriate, plus shipping. We will work with you to understand what the costs will be and provide a set price for the custom hat. We will provide you an estimate about how long it is likely to take to complete the work.

Keeping You Informed

Once the material is received, you will be kept informed about when the hat will likely be ready to be shipped and you will receive tracking information when it is on its way.